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Foodaily is a startup that aims to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. They identified that existing food delivery apps did not address the comprehensive needs of individuals living with food allergies, intolerances or diets, nor do they address the increasing amount of food waste. So Foodaily collaborated with Digital Rabbit to help them create a mobile solution that would:

  • Allow customers to eat better and healthier
  • Encourage customers to be more sustainable and decrease food waste
  • Make grocery shopping an easy process


We partnered with Foodaily to create a mobile solution that offers simple, quick, balanced and affordable meal ideas, adapted to everyone’s dietary constraints (whether be it an allergy, intolerance or a diet). Through a very intuitive recommendation system, customers get to swipe through menu items and discover exciting dishes depending on their food constraints.
Thus offering them a very well customized service through the friendliest user experience ever.


Foodaily’s mobile app is now encouraging customers to effortlessly adopt a varied and balanced diet, by helping them do their shopping on the basis of quantities and types of ingredients.
Through this service, Foodaily is actively reducing food waste, and raising awareness about responsible and sustainable food consumption.

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