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HypnoTidoo is a MedTech whose mission is to offer therapeutic hypnosis sessions for children aged 5 to 11. They approached Digital Rabbit to help create a mobile app that would achieve this objective through offering multiple medical hypnosis sessions and stimulating awareness and creativity in the child. The main goals of the mobile product were:

  • Establish an easy-to-use mobile app presence
  • Educate, engage and become a trusted platform for children hypnotherapy
  • Translate academic research on hypnotherapy into engaging and effective app features


HypnoTidoo partnered with Digital Rabbit to create a mobile platform emphasizing the benefits of hypnotherapy and aimed at empowering children to increase their creativity and self-awareness. The mobile app was designed to offer both an instructive and engaging experience that would encourage regular use of the app.


Research based and customer engaging, HypnoTidoo’s app is pushing for a cultural shift in how the field of hypnotherapy is generally perceived and encouraging the incorporation of therapeutic hypnosis sessions into children’s everyday routine.
Through the several therapy sessions it offers, the app responds to the general development needs of children by taking into account their capacity for fantasy and imagination. Il also plays an important role as complementary therapy in cognitive behavioral treatment of children.

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