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We have identified that both businesses and customers pay too much for their transactions that are too slow, and don’t get any dividends by using an app. So we built UnitedCoin : an online banking foundation for cryptocurrency. Our core business is bringing access to finance through cryptocurrency. The biggest challenge we’ve faced was the ability to reach a huge number of people who can easily use our services.


UnitedCoin’s goal is to provide cheap and instant transactions in cryptocurrency. And we were able to achieve this goal by building a mobile app and a web app on top of a Hybrid blockchain. We have been focusing on User Experience to serve even unbanked people. We also have designed a consensus algorithm having high transaction throughput to serve on our purpose.


UnitedCoin is democratizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, allowing users to receive revenue share from the companies they support. 

By providing an incentive of free wireless services and revenue sharing we are onboarding members through our strategic partners and their 2M+ users. Every person using our platform can benefit from informing others of our services. Providing services more than 5B people need, for free, will bring members in mass.  

This allowed us to demystify finance and blockchain technology. We could also reach a huge market, from unbanked people to sports teams.

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